Course Description

Have you been thinking about trying your hand at growing microgreens for fun or profit? If you are, Microgreens 101 just might be for you! They are so tasty, nutritious and easy to produce BUT can be expensive to buy, especially for a family. 

My Story - I launched my own business growing microgreens commercially a number of years ago and made a lot of mistakes along way. I also learned that there wasn’t a lot of resources available for someone like me who didn’t have a lot of fancy equipment, a big savings account, and had never set up this sort of operation. So I ended up learning a lot about how to do this through trial and error. 

What I am offering you with Microgreens 101 is what I wished I had when I started - a step by step guide to choosing the right place and equipment, the most economical supplies, and my tried and tested methods for successful growing. I really recommend that whether you plan to grow for the fun and benefit of it, or to sell them as an additional income stream, you start by growing smaller amounts until you have the system tweaked for your unique growing situation. This is the perfect way to get your feet wet, learn the tricks of the trade, and successfully grow your own superfood, MICROGREENS!

Online Format - To make Microgreens 101 as economical as possible, I am offering it as an online course with regular coaching calls to answer questions, and provide one-on-one technical support. 

So what will you get in this online course?

6 Learning Modules broken down as follows -

  • Module 1 - Planning your setup
  • Module 2 - Equipment and Supplies
  • Module 3 - Nuts and Bolts of the growing cycle
  • Module 4 - Get growing!
  • Module 5 - Microgreens in the Kitchen
  • Module 6 - Options for branching out and growth

Each of the modules has attractive, downloadable, EZ Start Guide to Microgreens pages with all the content for the lessons.

These can be placed in a 3 ring binder for easy reference. There are also videos that illustrate the main steps in the growing cycle and instructional videos that cover the module content.  You can read/watch each module content in about 30 minutes (Module 3 is a bit longer) and probably put the instruction into practice over 1 week. So if you work through the modules at the rate of one a week, you should be set up to grow in just 3-4 weeks with a minimum investment of time.

Support - You can contact me by phone or text anytime in the first 4 weeks after purchasing the course to answer any other questions that might come up, help you with troubleshooting as needed, and make sure you are able to successfully grow your own microgreens. (You will receive my contact info in your welcome email).

You will also be eligible to join my private FB group for Microgreen Growers where you can share what is going on and support others who are doing the same thing you are.

Value - Each tray of brassica (you will learn what this means!) microgreens grows $12-15 worth of greens, each growing cycle. So even if you only grow one tray per weekly cycle, you will earn back the value of the complete price of the course in just 8 cycles, but you can continue to grow for as long as you want with minimal ongoing investments in seed and soil mix.

As long as you complete the Microgreens 101 training and follow the steps, your success in growing microgreens is guaranteed! 

If you still have questions, email me at:

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - Getting Started

    • Lesson 1.1 - Welcome and Introduction

    • Lesson 1.1 - Welcome/Intro (printable guide pages)

    • Lesson 1.2 Planning

    • Lesson 1.2 Planning (printable guide pages)

  • 2

    Module 2 - Equipment and Supplies for setup

    • Lesson 2 - Equipment and Supplies (text)

    • Lesson 2 - Equipment and Supplies (printable guide pages)

    • Video 1 - Notes on video

    • Video 1 - Light and Shelving setup

  • 3

    Module 3 - The Growing Cycle

    • Lesson 3 - The Growing Cycle (text)

    • Lesson 3 - The Growing Cycle (printable guide pages)

  • 4

    Module 4 - Nuts and Bolts to Get Growing!

    • Lesson 4.1 - Preparation and Germination

    • Lesson 4.1 - Prep and Germination (printable guide pages)

    • Lesson 4.1 - Seeding Brassicas - demo

    • Lesson 4.1 - Filling plug trays (video)

    • Lesson 4.2 - Growing Techniques

    • Lesson 4.1 - Seeding Brassicas (video)

    • Lesson 4.2 - Growing Techniques (printable guide pages)

    • Lesson 4.2 - Watering Plug Trays (video)

    • Lesson 4.2 - Harvesting Brassicas (video)

  • 5

    Module 5 - Microgreens in the Kitchen

    • Lesson 5 - Microgreens in the Kitchen (text)

    • Lesson 5 - Microgreens in the Kitchen (printable guide pages)

  • 6

    Module 6 - Options for branching out

    • Lesson 6 - Branching Out (text)

    • Lesson 6 - Branching Out (printable guide pages)

  • 7

    Additional Resources

    • Visual Guide to Microgreens

    • List of suppliers and resources

Your Instructor

Commercial Microgreen Grower

Lucia Tiffany

Lucia Tiffany, owner of Paradise Acres Farm, has been growing microgreens commercially for 5 years and has learned a lot by trial and error, experience, and research. She wants you to avoid having to go through the same trials and errors she did! She has also been in charge of training for their farm help who manage the whole operation much of the time. She is a natural teacher and is invested in helping you succeed.