I'm Lucia Tiffany and I'm SOOO excited to get to share with you a step-by-step system to get your microgreen growing operation off the ground in no time! About 5 years ago I was home a lot taking care of an elderly parent in our home who could not be left alone. Our family was looking for a way to increase cash flow as my husband was also self-employed and income varied a lot from month to month. I needed something that was flexible in scheduling the time I needed to devote to it, as well as something that could be done totally at home. We went to a gardening seminar that summer and met the  family presenting the seminar. They had a large organic farm out West and also grew microgreens. I was really intrigued by the small investment needed to get going, the minimal infrastructure needed, and the potential income. So I got started.

I soon realized that there were a lot of little bits and pieces to coordinate before getting my operation off the ground and running smoothly. It took some time, but eventually we not only had a great, regular addition of microgreens to our fresh food supply but a regular income stream that soon provided thousands of dollars in cash flow during a time when it was greatly needed. This course is born out of the desire to make that start up process and operation system easy to learn and provide you with all the little tips and tricks I wish I had had when I started growing microgreens.

I'd love to hear from you anytime with comments, questions, or suggestions for improvements in our course offerings. Of course, testimonials will always be welcome! You can send them directly to me at:  MicrogreenAcademy@gmail.com 

Happy growing!